Immijobs training – last session on the 1st of March

Module 5 was presented by Neco and the topic was Apprenticeship and Job training for TCN’s


We discussed what were the benefits within each country.

  1. Main barriers to enter the apprenticeship
  2. Advantages to hire TCN’s
  3. Solutions to obstacles facing TCN’s

It was mentioned that it is important to reduce the time it takes for TCN’s to enter the labour market.



  • Lack of skills in language
  • Age
  • Ignorance of the labour market
  • Bureaucracy
  • Attitude Impact
  • Difference in culture
  • Professional and social networks
  • Lack of resources

We had a group discussion on both the barriers and solutions.


Module 6 was presented by Kostas, this was on strengthening Services:

  • Providing pre-departure
  • Preparation of documents
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Access to Social assistance 
  • Access to financial support
  • Housing
  • Language Courses


We discussed which countries benefits each of the partner countries had and which one needed to be improved or which one were non existent.