From Orléans to Lund

Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah, I’m 25, I come from Orléans, France. I applied to the Erasmus Plus programme because I wanted to improve my English and to have a first professional experience abroad. I also wanted to « grow up » professionaly, having different experiences and see how people work in other countries. I had the opportunity to work for almost three years in administration, with an audience of asylum seekers, refugees and people coming from foreign countries. I’m glad to be a part of the team for the next three months as I really appreciate the dynamism of intercultural environments.

Why Sweden ?

Sweden has a good work reputation and, as I like travelling, it was the perfect opportunity to visit a country that was on my wish list. I want to learn more about the way people live here, their traditions and see some of the amazing landscapes. I think it’s always interesting to see things from a different perspective.

My expectations ?

I would like to acquire more knowledge about integration in Sweden and develop my skills, on a personal level as well as a professional one, that is to say a better flexilibility and a better capacity of adaptation. I also hope to meet new people and to live fully this experience!