Financial Literacy for Youth – Online Meeting

Mobilizing Expertise attended an online meeting, as a comprehensive update on multiplier events (FLY Conferences) across partner countries and final project activities and results. Since we already hosted our ME in Sweden, we shared the insights of the event and feedback of our stakeholders.

* You already know that The FLY Playbook (PR2) is now fully completed and accessible in English and partner languages on the project platform:

This valuable resource is actively utilized in dissemination efforts by us and partner organizations, targeting youth groups, experts, and teachers.

Looking ahead to the last result of the project, the “Guidelines for Replication” will emphasize the outreach and engagement of youth organizations, experts, and teachers. Specifically, it will guide partners on effectively utilizing FLY materials for engagement, with a smaller section on directly reaching young people.

We will have our last transnational project meeting in Barcelona, our beloved volunteer Merve will be representing us🌐📚

Stay tuned for more!