Ethnicraft – Online training

Ethnicraft is an Erasmus+ project that at promoting up-skilling and re-skilling of adult migrants (18 to 35 years) facing social exclusion with basic craftsmanship skills in EU countries through an innovative educational format integrating transversal and entrepreneurial skills and an e-commerce platform to sell their traditional hand-crafted ethnic products. The Eurostat (2015) explains, how the working age of the migrant population (15 to 64 years) is 78% of the total and migrants in the EU are mostly in the 18 to 35 age range. Therefore, Ethnicraft project seeks impacting this high employability potential within the workforce. One of the most important causes of social exclusion is obsolete working skills. NGOs already working with migrants will be at the core of the partnership and will engage the target group in project activities.
One of these project activities are the Blended Mobility of Adult Learners training that takes place from the 23rd -30th of April 2021 from 15:00 – 19:00.

The partners of this project include:

Afridat UG, Germany
Dorea Educational Institute, Cyprus
Mine Vaganti NGO, Italy
NGO Nest Berlin, Germany
Mobilizing Expertise, Sweden
Youth in Science and Business Foundation, Estonia

On the first day of the training took place Friday the 23rd where there was presentation of the project partners and participants. There was an icebreaking/ teambuilding activity. Then there was the presentation and training on Entrepreneurship principals and an activity with telling a story using pictures.
On Saturday 24th -Mobilizing Expertise in Sweden continued to go through what a business plan is and what components is important for a business plan. We had break up of teams to come up with a business and a product of service to expand on this topic. The next workshop on that day was Digital skills with Youth in Science and Business Foundation in Estonia.
On Sunday, the 25th- -We continued with e- commerce and combining digital skills with creativity. We then had the workshop on Business Management and Strategic Management with a presenter from Italy.
On Monday, the 26th -We continued with Business management and Communication. We then had the workshop from Cyprus on Human Resources and Human Resource management.
On Tuesday, the 27th We continued with the workshop of Human Resource management and then went into Internal relations and welfare assessment. We then discussed Diversity and inclusion in Business and gender equality. We then started a workshop with Nest Germany on Market niche and demographic.
On Wednesday 28th We continued with Marketing and then discussed Brand building and Brand strategy. Digital marketing and Social Media. We then started the workshop with Afridat in Germany on Business model Canvas.
On Thursday 29th We Started a workshop on Business plan and Stake Holder Mapping again with Afridat in Germany.
On the last day Friday, the 30th We will go through the Evaluation of the training and planning the next steps.