Erasmus Friendship-Internship

Today we are back with four other testimonies in one ! It is almost the end of the internship for our four dear spanish and we hope you’ll appreciate their point of view as much as we did.

“Since we have arrived in Sweden and since the first day we went to Stenkrossen we felt like we have been working in ABC for months, the relation with the other volunteers who compose the whole team, and as a work team we feel like we knew the NGO. All of us, since Mar and Montse who has been taking care of reposting the posts from our collaboration between ABC Sweden and Glostars which will see in a few lines, for Xavi and Jordi who have been creating original content for ABC Sweden for instagram stories and some posts, have liked the experience about working for a real company, applying all knowledge about we have learned during this last year in classes.

Then, between monday 15th and friday 19th of november we had an event about the mentioned collaboration with Glostars which took place at Stenkrossen, so the previous days we prepared the event posting some posters all around Lund city and posting some reminders on the social media, during monday 15th, when took place the most important day of the event because there were prepared two workshops about photography, each of us took a position at Stenkrossen as could be taking care of doing content for the social media while the event was going on or receiving the people who came and explaining them the planning for the afternoon.

During the week event we also did a collaboration with the Stenkrossen organisation filming some videos about the projects which were taking place in here at the moment, as a result we expect that people who is interested in having a project at Stenkrossen can come and have the needed information to know who do they need to ask for any need and also other purpose was to inform the people who already has a project about the other projects that take place where they are working daily.

And now, as a summary, each of us will give a short final opinion about how is it really going from our own points of view:

Mar Alcoverro: “It is a pleasure to work in ABC Sweden because of the experience we are getting in marketing and event organisation. The people we are working with are so inspiring and I am grateful to have them as leaders.”

Montse Fernando: “Working at ABC during these two months has been a really good experience to get to know what I really like and what I want to work in the future and also meeting new people from around the world their way they are used to work.”

Jordi Navarro: “This experience has helped me to see and learn about a culture that I admired so much and of which I have now become a part. I am thankful to have lived this experience that I have enjoyed so much.”

Xavier Pizarro: “I think the whole experience will be really useful on the future, from knowing how an organisation as ABC works since the event organisation”

And it is how their journey  in sweden will end. If you also want to live this kind of experience, contact us !