Erasmus Days: Erasmus+ and me!

My first close encounter with Erasmus+ was through my research association “Mobilizing Expertise AB”, which I joined recently. During my brief tenure there, I realized that it is mostly the Erasmus+ funding that has made it possible for us to work towards our mission on youth capacity development, social inclusion, and integration.

Just one month ago, I had a valuable opportunity to participate in one of the programmes under Erasmus+ held in Italy in September 2022. This workshop on “Memories across Europe”, was a forum that the participants from European countries shared their memories on Europe and their vision for the future Europe. As I met our sister organization there, I came to know several other important programmes funded by Erasmus+ to support youth education, training, and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

I am so happy that I am participating in another programme funded by Erasmus+ in October, in Greece to discuss how education on circular economy can promote social inclusion of women, especially those who are at the risk of social exclusion. This time, I am participating as a trainer and would be delivering a training session on plastic craftwork. I am grateful to my research association for giving me this opportunity, and so happy that I would be able to contribute towards women’s capacity development, and environment conservation too!

It seems that I too, have become a part of Erasmus+, of which I am so proud of !!

Asha Sri Nissanka