EMIRE – Support the creation of a female professional identity through empowerment of migrant or refugee women

Testimonial : 

Being part of this 5-days journey in Perugia is one of my highlights in this year so far. With Mobilizing Expertise on my side it was fast organized. I could get to know the team in Lund and two weeks later we were three people from Sweden going to Italy. The workshops for me as a social worker were really helpful and professionally presented. I always got to know which theory was used in the background. The first meeting was on Monday and we got to know all the other participants and group leaders of different countries (Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Germany, Austria).

I felt very welcomed from the first moments on. There were snacks and water provided and enough breaks between the workshops. To create a group atmosphere we played a few games to get to know each other. The Workshops were structured with an ice-breaker/wake up game in the morning, an exercise connected to the EMIRE program in the morning and afternoon and ended always with a different method of feedback. The group discussions after the exercises were the best for me as I could gain more knowledge through comparisons between the different countries and the experience of the very mixed group. The week helped to strengthen my self-confidence and also confirmed the choice of my profession, since I have received positive feedback from all those people.

The whole group experience was summed up with two cultural activities where we had a city tour through Perugia, but also Assisi. We learned a lot about the history of both cities and could enjoy the Italian culture. I enjoyed having lunch together with the whole group and meet up in the evening to close the day. All in all an experience I did not want to miss and can recommend. The toolkit we got afterwards will help me a lot and gives me new ideas how to use it and work with clients.