🌍 CSR in Education 🌍 #ErasmusPlus

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project held a three-day Transnational project meeting starting on May 5th,2021 will all partners from #France, #Sweden, #Romania, #Bulgaria, #Italy, and #Greece.

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During the first day of the project all partners discussed the project budget, intellectual output 2 & 3 and setting deadlines for testing and course titles. Every partner is responsible for creating a course for training centres to adopt to deal with employee’s surroundings and employers satisfactory. The courses include creating positive work conditions in training centres, developing #diversity, #environmental responsibility of training centres, access for all, managing ethics in training centres, creating positive social impact, training & performance of training centres employees and disability (welcoming people with disability in training centres).

Day 2 of the transnational meeting discussed about the project logo, press release (IO1) and review of intellectual output 3. Each partner needs to adapt their text by the first week in June (2021). Also, intellectual output 4 must be done and glossary list must be short (2pages). The last of the meeting (Day 3) discussed previous multiplier events, set new dates for next meetings, and assigning tasks to partners. Overall, it was an educative, entertaining and knowledge-based meeting.

Partnership: Euphoria Net🇮🇹 Epimorfotiki Kilkis / Επιμορφωτική Κιλκίς 🇬🇷 KENTRO EPAGELMATIKIS KATARTISIS DIAS EPE 🇬🇷 Русенска стопанска камара 🇧🇬 Palatul Culturii din Iași – Complexul Muzeal Național „Moldova” 🇷🇴 Fundacja Arena i Świat🇵🇱 Manteifels Projekti 🇱🇻 Formethic 🇫🇷 Ineopole Formation, MFR à Brens🇫🇷

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