Blogpost – Immijobs online workshop on 17th of May

Immijobs project is set to increase social inclusion and labour market integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees in sustainable employment positions. Thus, the long- term impact of the project is the sustainable involvement of intermediary organisations in supporting labour market integration for third country nationals. There are four partners in this project: Sweden, Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria.
To achieve the objectives of this project, each partner is obliged to organize workshops.
In Mobilizing Expertise, our first workshop was held on May 17th, 2021 on the topic – ´´Bridging the gap between migrants, refugees & asylum seekers within the Swedish labour market. ´´
It was an educative, insightful, and entertaining workshop with experts from all walks of life to share their knowledge, experiences and give possible solutions to the issue of employment in a host country since the project objectives is to increase the capacity of employers to hire migrants and refugees and their benefits related in their employment.
Thank you all for attending this first online workshop !