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  • InterAct second TPM

    InterAct second TPM

    The second transnational meeting of the InterAct project was held in Groningen, the Netherlands, to evaluate the project’s progress so far. It was a two-day meeting. The first day of the meeting was an excited one, with all partners present both face-to-face and virtual. The meeting started with administrative tasks, financial aspects, and reporting. Intellectual…

  • Stress NPAD newsletter

    Stress NPAD newsletter

  • Meet Gabrielle !

    Meet Gabrielle !

    Hi everyone, to day we present you Gabrielle ! “Hello, I’m Gabrielle, a French girl who dreams about traveling and discover new culture. I’m in Erasmus+ program in Lund, in Sweden.  A very cozy city with beautiful landscapes and buildings, making a warm atmosphere. My internship developed in Erikshjalpen second hand, a big shop who…

  • How to create professional pictures

    How to create professional pictures

    How to create professional pictures Here is the testimony of our dear Francesco “Last week we participated to the third meeting of the Nord Plus project “Spatial Footprints” for the Promotion of Informal Adults’ Digital Education for Spatial and Sustainable Tourism Development. This meeting took place in Latvia as we had the pleasure of being…

  • Let’s talk about VR with Jaime Lugo

    Let’s talk about VR with Jaime Lugo

    The Interview with Jaime Lugo In partnership  with 2 vip our project stems from the conviction that the participation of young Europeans in democratic life is an essential value. And  uses virtual reality and traditional video to actively engage young people. Mexpert is pleased to present our interview with Jaime Lugo, a new technology enthusiast…

  • Let’s introduce Francesco !

    Let’s introduce Francesco !

    Hey! I’m Francesco, I just joined Mobilizing Expertise as an intern for a few months! I am 21 year’s old guy from Italy, and I have been living in Sweden for almost a year now. I’m a student at Malmö University in the faculty of European Studies. I’m in my second year and I am…

  • New Intern : Malorie !

    New Intern : Malorie !

    Hi! My name is Malorie, I’m twenty four and I was born in the south of France in Narbonne. During my studies I learned about graphic design, web design, communication, but most of my studies were centered around video making. I finished my studies a year ago, and because of the pandemic, I felt very…

  • Azucena Journey !

    Azucena Journey !

    God morgon! My name is Azucena and I am a spanish girl who wants to live an adventure. This is my first time living alone and I decided to do it in the other opposite part of Europe, in Sweden. Why Sweden? I chose this country because it has beautiful natural landscapes and it is…

  • Erasmus Friendship-Internship

    Erasmus Friendship-Internship

    Today we are back with four other testimonies in one ! It is almost the end of the internship for our four dear spanish and we hope you’ll appreciate their point of view as much as we did. “Since we have arrived in Sweden and since the first day we went to Stenkrossen we felt…

  • Internship from Spain to Sweden !

    Internship from Spain to Sweden !

    Hello, here is the testimony of Gonzalo about his internship in Sweden. Hope you will enjoy it ! “My name is Gonzalo. I am from Spain, although, I have travelled and lived in a few countries. Before this, I lived in Dublin for 3 years and in Brisbane (Australia) for 1 year. It was after…