Resilience project : What’s new ?

For the project Resilience, we had a meeting in Torino in the North-West part of Italy. There, we met with our partners from Greece, Italy and the UK and we were in charge of a training on how to plan, produce and post-edit a video. The project, as it is possible to deduce from the title, focuses on Resilience within people, places, and communities and how these aspects relate to one another to create ‘resilience’ synergies. During the afternoons, in Turin, the hosts brought us to visit the places of resilience they identified inside the city of Turin: the Basilica of Superga, the Sermig Arsenale della Pace and OGR Snodo. It was really inspiring, and it was really interesting to meet the people that work or volunteer there.

As part of the next tasks of the project, we are currently working on recording videos on our resilient people, places and communities and we will present them in Greece in the beginning of May.

That’s all for the day, folks!