MEXPERT Internship Programme: Meet Malou

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MEXPERT Internship Programme: Meet Malou

Hello, I’m Malou, I’m 21 and I am From Brittany, in France.

I’m in Lund for 3 months thanks to Erasmus + with the aim of improving my English and discovering a new culture, new people, new way of work…

After more than a month spent in Lund, I can say that this city charmed me, I quickly took my marks here.Before I came in Lund, I studied communication and cultural studies. In the future I want to work in a feminst association.

I work for Erikshjalpen second hand, a shop who donate their earnings for solidarity associations. I do very different tasks like take care of the Erikshjalpen’s coffee, advise customers or sort out donations. There I met amazing people with whom to exchange and learn.

Those three months abroad are a great opportunity for me who have never traveled before. For the first time I have to confront my fears alone and it’s a good exercise.