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  • Online Open Cafe – 14/04/2021

    Online Open Cafe – 14/04/2021

    Last Wednesday, we welcomed again participants from all over the world (France, Turkey, Portugal, Japan etc). We opened this session of Online Open Cafe by playing a Kahoot game, with questions related to Astronomy. It was the perfect introduction to discuss about a future life in space, and how this would turn out in practice […]

  • Alyssia’s blogpost

    Alyssia’s blogpost

  • Anthony’s blogpost

    Anthony’s blogpost

  • Online Open Cafe – 08/04/2021

    Online Open Cafe – 08/04/2021

    Thanks to all our participants from Turkey, Portugal, Japan, France and Sweden. We first played a stimulating game of Kahoots with questions on astrology and football. We then discussed each astrological sign characteristics and discussed whether we believed in astrology or not, which then led us to discussing various superstations within our cultures. This then […]

  • Elisabeth from France

    Elisabeth from France

  • Empowerment of migrant and refugee women  2/2

    Empowerment of migrant and refugee women 2/2

    Here it is the second video about how is it to be an immigrant woman in Sweden. Yen, from Vietnam , kindly accepted to answer our questions. Thank you Yen! Link for watching : Film’s direction by Deniz Idil Altan, our video Mexpert.

  • Efivos or Vision Compass – Session 6

    Efivos or Vision Compass – Session 6

    For this 6th week of training, the participants presented their articles. The different themes was music and  motivation. During this session, we discovered that some participants have a very nice approach of the subjects. They also made a short presentation about themselves. This presentation will be put on the website in the team section ! […]

  • E-Women guidebook 📖

    E-Women guidebook 📖

    We’re glad to share with you our last intellectual output which is the result of a close and fruitful collaboration between: Vintage Baby social enterprise in Norway 🇳🇴 Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden 🇸🇪 IES Ramon Llull,a secondary school situated in Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Island 🇪🇸 FAAl from Turkey 🇹🇷 E-Women, an Erasmus+ project aims to […]

  • Online Open Cafe – 25/03/2021

    Online Open Cafe – 25/03/2021

    Our usual open café was led by Sandy discussing the topic Social Media. The discussion started by introducing all participants and their current country of residence. We discussed what social media is, the merits and demerits, how we interact with strangers online and the impact of social media in our field of study. After the […]

  • Efivos or Vision Compass – Session 5

    Efivos or Vision Compass – Session 5

    This week, the topic was “How to write an article!” We explained the basics of journalism and gave some concrete examples to the participants . After that, each participants have chosen a topic to develop. All the topics are diverse and varied. Music, inspiration , future … We can’t wait to see your creations ! […]