All about Lucie “I want to learn how create a project, and work in a team.”

 I am Lucie Gaudin, I’m 34 and come from France.

I choose to come in Sweden because I’m really interesting by the Scandinavian culture, history and landscapes. I’ve already gone in the south European countries but never in the north, so it’s a discover and a new adventure.

 I studied philosophy and law at university. Philosophy interests me because it’s a way of understanding the place of the Human being in the world and through the times, of examining who he is and wants to do. Studying law was a way to learn how to help people who need advices to find a solution to their problems.

I worked in inssurance compagnies during a few years.

When I am not at work, I like making sport. I swim in a swimming club and go to competitions with my team for fun. I enjoy running and being in contact of nature at the same time.

I also love pets and take time with my two cats.

During my internship in Sweden, I hope to learn a lot of things and develop new skills. For myself, I hope to become more confident because after bad expriences at work, I lost it. I need to speak a better English because my level is not very fluent. At work, I want to learn how create a project, and work in a team. I always worked in an open space but I worked alone even if my colleagues and I help each other and talk about works to do.