Agenda 2030

On the cadre of “Agenda 2030” project, a meeting was held in Ascoli, a little city in centre of Italy, with the various partners working on this subject.
The day began with a guided tour of the historic centre of Ascoli with the partners of Cyprus, Spain, Italy, and Greece. The visit provided and opportunity to compare Ascoli and this development with the Sustainable Development Goals 11 about “Sustainable Cities and Communities”. This visit was followed by a lunch of typical food.
The meeting started at 14h30 with a presentation, then a time for debate and discussion on the main objectives of this project. In this way, ideas of mitigation, adaptation, resilience, and decarbonisation seemed to be the best options. To reach these ideas, it is necessary to put in place trainers for raise awareness many people as possible, and stuff to enable their realisation.

Several interesting ideas were proposed by the different partners for reach the different SDGs. Firstly, the development of tools for E-Governance and E- Participation to enable at all to participate to the political life of their countries, in relation to the SDGs 10 “Reduced Inequalities” especially social inequalities.
Secondly, for the SDGs 13 “Climate change”, several ideas and measures are to remember: for cigarette the development of ashtrays stands; development of sustainable tourism through opinion maps and online campaigns; or for example the development of project about the impact climate change on more specific things like SOLIMPACT European project specialize about climate change of Island member of EU.
Finally, the SDGs 4 “Quality of Education” was discussed at length. It´s important to promote training of people to favour their access in the labour and entrepreneurship of other key competences, developing courses and training to gives at workers the opportunity to deepen and improve skills that are interesting him.  

In conclusion, the “Agenda 2030” is on good way on many objectives thanks to number ideas and measures that must continue by each partners, a meeting in Lund is planned to explores others ways.






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