A few things about Sacha, the new intern at Hello Youth


I am Sacha, 23 years old. I am not Russian like my name could mean maybe, but French, I come from Paris.

My background is almost completely in the arts. My studies began with applied arts at high school in Toulouse, called the “Pink City” ( really it’s red, maybe orange sometimes) in the south of France. Then I graduated a photography diploma in Biarritz, a surf famous place, it doesn’t mean that I do sport, I’m a kind of limp person. Next I moved to Paris to be an apprentice graphic designer. I have been worked two years in a food start up, it was very trainer.

So now I have the great opportunity to be in Lund for 3 months. I am here to practice English, but I expect for many other things like to learn from each others, to have new experiences, to meet new peoples, to open my mind, to discover the Swedish way of life…

When the weather is not too angry I like to be outside and hike. I read some books about travel, history, and some crime novels. And 4 months ago I learned to drive a motorbike, and I really enjoy it.

I am really happy to have this chance, so I will do my best!