Our Profile

Our main 5 working areas are;
Providing training, creating educational tools, mobilising volunteers to professionalism, project management, promoting entrepreneurship.



We are creating non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, volunteers and staff.

Project Management


We help people to bring their ideas into the reality through project management tools and process.



We recognise the value within volunteership in several NGOs and social enterprises. We are taking the volunteers to the next level; to be an expert in the area they are volunteering by involving them in our strategic partnership projects.



We promote entrepreneurial values; !think out of the box”. We help entrepreneurs to develop their business and how there business can be an added value for society through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our Values

We value people’s knowledge. We believe in people and that knowledge should be easy to access.
Whatever we do we want it to be; manageable, understandable and most importantly meaningful..

Our Mission

We want to bring people, places, and projects together to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, Europe and world.

Our Action

Our action is to design education for all through social inclusion, creativity and resilience.

Our Team


Necmettin Meletli

CEO of Mobilizing Expertise


Graduate of Education Faculty.
Master in Cognitive Science .
Creative Drama leader.
10 years experience in social inclusion .
13 years project management in Sweden and Europe.
Start Up Strategist .


Charlotte Meletli

Co- Founder of Mobilizing Expertise


Youth Work and Community Development.
Experience in Gender Inequality and Feminism
3 years Project Management.
Experience in non-formal education.
Graphic Designer. Youth Worker.


Ali Qorbani

Project Manager


Sports for inclusion.
Project Manager.
Sports Leader
Economy and Finance Manager


Sarah Touhari

Project Assistant


Expertise in Social Inclusion
Knowledge of integration of refugees and minority group
Immigration, the asylum process and experience working with refugees.