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  • Resilience project – the website is ready to use !

    Resilience project – the website is ready to use !

    The BfR partnership is happy to announce the publication of over 70 resilient tools on our newly updated website. Don’t miss the change to discover tools about people, places and communities as we strive to create a more resilient world! The tools are easy to understand and give you all hints and tips you need…

  • Efivos – session 3

    Efivos – session 3

    For this 3rd week the focus was on *graphic design*. Led by Sacha ! We started by making a presentation about what is a visual identity and why it is so important. Then we brainstormed to find a name as well as a logo. The drawing part was very appreciate. Now we could see that…

  • Immijobs training – last session on the 1st of March

    Immijobs training – last session on the 1st of March

    Module 5 was presented by Neco and the topic was Apprenticeship and Job training for TCN’s   We discussed what were the benefits within each country. Main barriers to enter the apprenticeship Advantages to hire TCN’s Solutions to obstacles facing TCN’s It was mentioned that it is important to reduce the time it takes for…

  • Efivos – Session 2

    Efivos – Session 2

    The 2nd workshop was interesting, despite of some connection issues. We would like to thank all the participants for their patience. 🙂 We were able to find out a little more about the way that our participants think. With the game images/story. Which consists in creating a story around images chosen randomly. We also presented…

  • Immijobs training – 22nd of February

    Immijobs training – 22nd of February

    NCVT from Bulgaria present module 3 which was about TCN’s (Third Country Nationals) and Employee’s support in the beginning, during placement and after.  Support in the beginning includes the following: Mentoring and coaching Inclusion program (Workshops for writing CV’s and Motivational letter, Job fairs, Online platforms) Short-term internship and traineeships Vocational training Professional language courses…

  • Online Open Cafe – 24/02/2021

    Online Open Cafe – 24/02/2021

    Today’s topic was esports/video games. We had participants from Portugal, Sweden, Afghanistan, France, Ghana, UK and Turkey. We started the meeting by briefly introducing each other and sharing our preferences regarding the type of video games that we like to play. We then explored the different benefits and dangers that youth are exposed to on…

  • Efivos – first workshop

    Efivos – first workshop

    We started by introducing ourselves because we had some new faces and then we had name games so that the group can get to know each other in a fun way, after Efivo’s presentation we discussed about Covid19 situation for example how it affects our lives and how it was before corona and during corona…

  • Online Open Café – 17/02/2021

    Online Open Café – 17/02/2021

    Open café 17/02/21 was about languages. It was very interesting, and I personally enjoyed and learned a lot. We Started with introductions and how many different languages we knew. We discussed how many languages there were and how many dialects there are in the world. We discussed the difference between a language and a dialect,…

  • FLAVIE project – Online seminar

    FLAVIE project – Online seminar

    Yesterday Guirlande Louithomme attended to this meeting, by representing Mobilizing Expertise. Let’s have a look at the Press release

  • Online Open Cafe – 10.02.2021

    Online Open Cafe – 10.02.2021

    This Open Café discussed the topic of Food. The discussion was engaging with us all sharing what foods we liked and what dietary restrictions we have if any. We then discussed how many times we ate and how many times we should. We also spoke about being vegan, vegetarian. What our national dishes are. We…