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  • Open Café 11/02

    Open Café 11/02

    Hej everyone! This week’s theme was music 👩‍🎤 Everybody that came was very excited about the idea of sharing their favorite kind of music with everybody 🎸 Something that became very apparent was that music is a formidable method for bringing people out of their shells, and comfort zones, people were even excited to share…

  • Open Café 12/10/2021

    Open Café 12/10/2021

    Hey ! This week the subject was hobbies ! 🎾 We talk about our hobbies : everything from sports to music, via movies and books 🪀 We also shared about our countries, how hobbies are perceived in different part of the world 🌍 And we ended this with a little general knowledge quiz about sports,…