Open Café 11/02

Open Café 11/02

Hej everyone! This week’s theme was
music 👩‍🎤

Everybody that came was very excited about the idea
of sharing their favorite kind of music with everybody 🎸

Something that became very apparent was that music
is a formidable method for bringing people out of their
shells, and comfort zones, people were even excited to
share if they could play any instruments or if they like
to sing, dance…

People were excited for others to hear what songs they
enjoy and one person also showed us how to dance to
Turkish music 💃

A funny activity for this session was a kahoot game
where people try to guess the titles of songs from
different genres. People were very involved in trying to
win the game 😄

We had participant from France, Spain and Turkey

Thank you for joining and see you for the next on Tuesday 11/09 ☕

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