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  • Online Open Cafe – 24/02/2021

    Online Open Cafe – 24/02/2021

    Today’s topic was esports/video games. We had participants from Portugal, Sweden, Afghanistan, France, Ghana, UK and Turkey. We started the meeting by briefly introducing each other and sharing our preferences regarding the type of video games that we like to play. We then explored the different benefits and dangers that youth are exposed to on…

  • Efivos – first workshop

    Efivos – first workshop

    We started by introducing ourselves because we had some new faces and then we had name games so that the group can get to know each other in a fun way, after Efivo’s presentation we discussed about Covid19 situation for example how it affects our lives and how it was before corona and during corona…

  • Online Open Café – 17/02/2021

    Online Open Café – 17/02/2021

    Open café 17/02/21 was about languages. It was very interesting, and I personally enjoyed and learned a lot. We Started with introductions and how many different languages we knew. We discussed how many languages there were and how many dialects there are in the world. We discussed the difference between a language and a dialect,…

  • Immijobs training – first session on the 15th February

    Immijobs training – first session on the 15th February

    The first Immijobs Training took place on 15th February and the first two modules were discussed. Italy was the first to present with Module 1. Then a representation from Greece presented Module 2. The first thing however that was discussed was what Immijobs is and the aim of the project. Immijobs– A European project that…

  • FLAVIE project – Online seminar

    FLAVIE project – Online seminar

    Yesterday Guirlande Louithomme attended to this meeting, by representing Mobilizing Expertise. Let’s have a look at the Press release

  • Online Open Cafe – 10.02.2021

    Online Open Cafe – 10.02.2021

    This Open Café discussed the topic of Food. The discussion was engaging with us all sharing what foods we liked and what dietary restrictions we have if any. We then discussed how many times we ate and how many times we should. We also spoke about being vegan, vegetarian. What our national dishes are. We…

  • Erasmus Baby 2.0

    Erasmus Baby 2.0

  • Online Open Cafe – 03.02.2021

    Online Open Cafe – 03.02.2021

    Yesterday´s open café started at the usual time, and this time a lot more people participants from different countries. The topic was on sports which was led by Ali (host). The host allowed everyone to introduce themselves and the discussion begun. The discussion lasted for 1hr 30mins. The first 1hour was dedicated for the topic…

  • Filipe’s blogpost

    Filipe’s blogpost

  • Overview of Open Café – 27/01/2021

    Overview of Open Café – 27/01/2021

    There were 13 participants in total. We had the following countries represented: France, Japan, Turkey, Africa, Afghanistan, and Jamaica. Our topic was about dreams and sleeping. We shared what we thought about dreams, our good and bad as well as our sleeping issues. It was engaging and fun conversation. The most popular dreams were shared…