The Interview with Jaime Lugo

In partnership  with 2 vip our project stems from the conviction that the participation of young Europeans in democratic life is an essential value. And  uses virtual reality and traditional video to actively engage young people.

Mexpert is pleased to present our interview with Jaime Lugo, a new technology enthusiast who founded his startup in Virtual Reality The virtual submarine.

What’s your background?
I’m born and raised in Mexico, moved to Europe in 2008 for a job in Germany, where I spent 10
years as I developed my career in the Marketing and Merchandising Field.
After a short station in Italy, I decided to take a career break and explore the idea to open my own startup in Virtual Reality. I decided to learn the basics in coding (self-thought with Books and Online courses), do a master in entrepreneurship at Lund university and launch the startup in May 2020.


Why did you chose to work with VR?
I got fascinated with the potential to provide immersive scenarios to users… you literally enter a new world when you use VR.
Through my career I have experienced firsthand the need to “immerse” oneself into experiences to
speed up learning; this applies not only to learning a new language but as well to develop skills such as negotiation, feedback and collaboration. Because of this I decided to fully explore the potential of VR into learning; in specific into Skill Development.


What can VR bring in everyday life?
I strongly believe VR can provide us access to many situations we normally wouldn’t be able to
experience. From traveling to new countries, seeing artistic performances or simply re-living past life events (such as ones own wedding).
To experience a Virtual Reality, a prefabricated world, has tremendous implications on what we can make of our real “reality”, take for example new ways of building houses or new ways of behaving in certain situations, with VR we can do that in minutes and then test it to see if this make sense or not… in other words, VR technology propels what we can imagine and conceive as new realities.


How do you see the future of VR?

VR technology has received a strong momentum due to the announcement of the Metaverse, due to this I believe investment in VR will continue to grow at a fast pace for the next years. In similar direction will be the growth in creation of content; parallel innovations such as AI or no-coding platforms will only speed up the creation of solutions. I am confident in the next 5 to 10 years, VR related startups will get access faster to Unicorn valuations.


Do you think VR is a good tool for youth to help them to develop their skills?

Yes, I think VR is a good tool for youth to develop. VR provides many benefits because is an accessible tool that is highly engaging. To offers an alternative source of development compared to the traditional schooling system.
One aspect that I enjoy is the idea to provide a safe environment for experimentation, especially in the area of soft-skill development, young people can begin to explore different communication styles, evaluate the consequences of actions and experience first hand how does it feel to be in certain situations. All these benefits can be accessed in the comfort of their house, with no-one to judge them or limit their learning.


How your project can help young people to have interest in Civic Life ? 

An important contribution from VR to the interest in Civic Life can be in the form of empathy. Imagine we build a VR program that can let young people experience different aspects of their community. A program that lets them connect with others and perhaps even interact as they imagine new realities for their society… The beauty of VR is that is an scalable solution that can be
deployed anywhere, so it would be relatively easy to connect with a large part of the population in a short amount of time.
As I build learning programs, I can easily imagine Civic educational experiences, really valuable for new citizens in the community.

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