SITID First training in Rzesow Poland

SITID First training in Rzesow Poland

Between 14-2o april 2019 Mobilizing Expertise was Participating in the SITID training course

With a cup of hot coffee or tea in hand, there is a space to discover other cultures, share your own experiences and to participate in interesting classes and workshops.

20 participants from Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Greece are taking part in “What is Open Cafe” training course, which aims to introduce youth leaders into Open Cafe as a method for integration. It will raise awareness about promoting intercultural dialogue, sharing common values on European citizenship and tolerance. The participants will gain the necessary knowledge to run Open Cafe events back in their countries.

Open Café is an interactive workshop aimed to promote an open and inclusive society. It is an opportunity for the youth of a city– those who were born there as well as those who moved to the city from other corners of the world – to meet and get to know each other.

With a warm cup of coffee or tea, the participants learn about other cultures, share their experience and take part in intercultural workshops and activities. Open Café is an open space to gain knowledge and be aware of local and international issues of our society.

Our partners: Young Effect Association InterMediaΚT ILA Mobilizing Expertise