SITID:Open Cafe Intercultural vs. Multicultural and Discrimination with NETNET

On 18th June 2019, Mobilizing Expertise hosted the next OPEN CAFE.
This time we were talking all things intercultural vs. multicultural.

Do you know what those words mean and what is the difference? Well, during the OPEN CAFE we had some in-depth discussions about both these concepts and how our understanding can affect different groups of people.

The group was mixed with refugee and immigrant young people as well as local people and European volunteers. It provided us with a great group and opportunity to discuss.

Connected with last weeks OPEN CAFE came this weeks topic of DISCRIMINATION!

To fully understand this concept we spoke together in smaller groups first and then opened the circle up to discuss and share about our personal experiences of discrimination.

After this large group discussion we got back into our smaller groups to play the NETNET game. It was a great tool to help us understand discrimination. The game was an attractive and adaptable tool for an OPENCAFE!