SITID: Open Cafe – Integration and migration of refugees

SITID: Open Cafe – Integration and migration of refugees

OPEN CAFE is back for more weeks – 11th June 2019 and 13th June 2019

This weeks we were first discussed integration! The group was mixed with refugees, immigrants and local Swedish young people. It was a perfect opportunity to discuss integration and what integration means to each of them.

The leader of the OPEN CAFE also challenged the ideas of the participants and opened up the discussion to other types of integration;

  • Different generations
  • Different religions
  • Different genders

The participants from different religions shared their experiences of speaking with others of different religions and the challenges that they face.

In the 13th June, refugee participants spoke about their integration process into Sweden; what challenges they faced, how their integration could have been improved and what was the easiest part of the integration process.

This weeks topic was very intensive and we delved really deep into people’s personal lives but with a great discussion and open speech.

Hope to see you at the next OPEN CAFE!