On the 30th July MEXPERT hosted the final OPEN CAFE before we breakup for summer.

We spoke all things education!

  • Why is it important for youth work or young people?
  • What kind of things do people want to know?
  • What do young people struggle with?
  • What changes do they want to happen in education?

We started speaking about the importance of young people as they are also the future. We focussed on youth work and what it means to them; it helps young people learn about themselves, others and society, through non – formal educational activities which combine enjoyment, challenge and learning.

One of the insecurities for young people that we discussed is what they are going to do after graduation. Society should help these people out of their struggle and give them the opportunity to live a better life.

One participant said “I think the struggle is a necessary thing for young people because they need to learn that you have to fight if you really want something. Nothing good ever came easy.”

We also focussed on the changes that should happen in education;

“teachers and students should see with the same eyes and equal every person”.

We hope to see you at the next OPEN CAFE when we are back! Stayed tuned for updates when we return.