Take The Leap

The Take the Leap project aims to fill the gap between socially excluded youth workers who would consider setting up an enterprise and business advisers who are not equipped to provide the special support they need. How? By developing, piloting and introducing a two-level workshop-based training program, and an innovative online Training Package.
The most relevant horizontal priority is social inclusion. The goal is to enhance the access, participation and learning performance of disadvantaged learners; working to reduce disparities in learning outcomes. Objectives: Workshops and one-to-one mentoring Sharing knowledge, skills, good practice and experience between NGOs working with target of the project; The development of an open digital youth work entrepreneurship Training Package The project will develop, pilot and introduce a training program, and an innovative online training package geared to the specific needs of young facing social exclusion.
Target groups: 300 youth facing social exclusion including such factors as poor mental health, long term unemployment (NEET), learning disabilities, social isolation, income deprivation, being ex-offenders; At least 400 youth workers and youth trainers and others who provide support services to the above group.


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Take the leap




Ka2 Erasmus Youth




Partners: Diversity Living Services, United Kingdom Mobilizing Expertise AB, Sweden Association for Citizens Tolerance and Cooperation Prilep, The Republic of North Macedonia NGO Ritineitis, Latvia Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca, Italy