Soft City

The project facilitates the development of innovative tools in youth work such as the “Dérive City Cards” (a set of flash-cards with illustrated places and buildings from the partner cities, one set of cards per city) which will serve as an innovative tool for youth workers and other educational actors to use in order to teach and train youth about local cultural heritage. The set of cards will be accompanied by an online booklet, “8 Game Ideas for Cultural Ambassadors” which will offer youth workers new ideas for activities for the cards.
The project will offer another output, illustrated maps for each partner city, which can also be used for educational games, besides for their touristic purposes. The map is specially designed for and by youth, in order to give visibility to the importance of youth work, youth engagement, youth opinion and how youth and youth workers can improve cities and communities through quality work. The cities cards, the maps and the booklet will be free educational tools, available for everyone and free of charge.

My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur is a project that aims at bettering cities’ youth dimension. In our quest to preserve cultural heritage by helping youth to become more fond of their patrimony we came to the conclusion that cities which are more youth-friendly have more chances to develop as united and proactive communities. This project offers youth a voice in what concerns their city’s cultural heritage and encourages them to become cultural and social entrepreneurs themselves by exposing them to such an environment that fosters educational, cultural and urban growth. By creating in the project framework, a book about real, successful stories of social and cultural entrepreneurs from the partner countries, we offer youth the motivation and inspiration they need to become change-makers themselves.


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Soft City

November 2020







Maison de l’Europe de Nîmes (E10128901,FR) France, House of Education and Innovation (HEI) (E10173793, RO) Romania, Colegiul National de Arte Regina Maria Constanta (E10081473, RO) Romania, CCIT GARD LYCEE DE NIMES (E10052462, FR) France, ARTE M ASSOCIACAO CULTURAL E ARTISTICA NA MADEIRA (E10021446,PT) Portugal, Art Gallery Caravel (E10000355,PT) Portugal, HELLO YOUTH (E10085176,SE) Sweden, MOBILIZING EXPERTISE AB (E10042158,SE ) Sweden