The aim of our environmental education is to promote the development of students’ environmentally conscious behaviour and lifestyle the familiarisation and acceptance of the environmental conditions of sustainable development in favour of preventing the environmental crisis. The ECO2 project-a deliberately planned long-term development plan, which can be incorporated into the organisational functioning of schools, contributing the reduction of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions on an institutional level.
To do this, as a product of the project, a carbon footprint calculator will be developed, that allows schools to track their ecological footprint rate continuously. For reducing the ecological footprint we will develop additional teaching material objects, which with their awareness-raising feature, will help reduce the environmental impact on the level of schools and individuals as well.
For measuring and checking the acquired knowledge we will work out questionnaires, and for using the educational videos, lesson plans will be made, therefore the environmentally conscious awareness can appear not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom and in the course of extra-curricular activities. Our programs have been designed so that they build on each other, strengthen and support each other, and it was also taken into consideration to achieve a knowledge transfer concerning deeper environmental content. The compilation of the partnership has been adjusted to this, in which beyond educational institutions of distant European countries, organisations engaged in environmental activities are also present, helping, supporting the schools and the successful implementation of the project with their experience.


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