Europe has been facing an identity crisis as well as a rise in extremism over the last years, which lead to various forms of exclusion and discrimination. In 2015, the last Eurobarometer on this subject stated that more than 50% of European citizens found that discrimination on ground of ethnical origin, sexual orientation, religion or disability was widespread in their country. Young Europeans are particularly concerned by discrimination.
In order to cope with this complex reality, whether local or global, global education has an essential and priority role to play in the fight against discrimination and social inclusion promotion. Global education can be based on several types of pedagogies, among which is active learning. This pedagogy and its innovative teaching method has proven itself in a local and heterogeneous way, as it impacted the level of awareness and engagement of young people as actors of change.

Since the beginning of the XXth century, active learning initiatives are growing across Europe but the lack of coordination and exchange on this method is an impediment to the optimal implementation of this social innovation in a transnational way. Our project aims therefore at addressing this difficulty by fostering collaboration and coordination among active learning actors in Europe, through best practices’ exchange.
The project is coordinated by the association Le Partenariat – Centre Gaïa (France), in collaboration with Anthropolis (Hungary), Kurioz (France), Scotdec (Scotland), Mobilizing Expertise (Sweden) and Jovesolides (Spain). It seeks to impact on European youth aged from 15 to 29 years old, through European actors capacity building on active learning principles applied to global education, either to develop (improve or create) activities of the project partners in themselves or to support youth workers skills in Europe to encourage inclusion of European youth. Each partner will organize a 3 day workshop, during which best practices will be exchanged and more specifically focusing on youth with disabilities and youth prisoners for France, refugee youth for Sweden, NEET youth in Scotland, childcare youth for Hungary and Roma and immigrant youth for Spain.

Best practices identified within these workshops will be widely spread through a campaign of national dissemination events and online publications broadcast by reference and identified media at national and European level..


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Le Partenariat – Centre Gaïa (France), in collaboration with Anthropolis (Hungary), Kurioz (France), Scotdec (Scotland), Mobilizing Expertise (Sweden) and Jovesolides (Spain).