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PRIDE is a strategic partnership in the field of youth, which makes use of the concept of transformative learning for preventing radicalization among young refugees. The project therefore aims to empower young people to handle the experienced migration in a positive and constructive way through mutual exchange. It focuses on the importance of forging and consolidating personal identity in adolescence.’


Based on results through exchange among experts, participation of young people concerned as well as fieldwork with youth groups, tools will be developed to be tested in practice. These tools will aim to facilitate a positive processing of migrational experiences.




  • Kulturlife
  • Staffangymnasiet
  • Mobilizing Expertise
  • Drustvo Za Razvijanje PD Novo Mesto
  • InterAkton
  • OTH Regensburg

PRIDE: Prevent Radicalisation through Identity Development

Start: 01/09/2017

End: 31/08/2019

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Strategic Partnerships for youth

Website: https://kultur-life.de/projekte/ide-pride/