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Our Projects

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About the project:

SELF-MATE [Sharing and learning Platform in financial management and literacy for migrants and people with fewer opportunities] is an Erasmus Plus project which aims to create knowledge/competence foundation of adult migrant households (25+) and train migrants educators in a number of themes, such as:


1. Financial accounting and family economics management

2. Consumers rights and digital transparency

3. Supporting them through agile digital learning & financial assessment material on digital skills (compatible with everyday work and endeavours)

4. Access and exploit a lean e-learning platform to give practical guidance in different life situations, focusing on transversal competences and download explanatory material in different European languages.



Furthermore, SELF-MATE aims to empower migrant women and raise awareness about their concrete contribution in terms of family economy as well as in those uncountable values of safety and protection. Concrete results of the project: – an e-learning platform to acquire digital and financial through ad-hoc material for migrants and people with fewer opportunities:


– a double learning/teaching booklet, both for educators and for learners;

– a self-assessment tool to test digital financial knowledge one has on the web platform.



  • Pro IFALL AB – Sweden
  • Kairos Europe Limited – United Kingdom
  • Polygonal – Italy
  • Faal Dernegi – Turkey

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SelfMate: Sharing and learning Platform in financial management and literacy for migrants and people with fewer opportunities

Start: 01-09-2018

End: 31-08-2020

Programme: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships


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