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PLAY-IN, is a Ka2 action, Exchange of Good Practices, promoted by Jovesolides and funded by the Spanish National Agency. This project seeks to generate a positive, tolerant and integrative view to migrants and refugees by working with sensitizing actions towards youth, that can act as catalyst and generate integrational messages and attitudes and fight against racist and xenophobic views in the 6 European partner countries.
Our priorities: ⁣ Cultural exchange Social and cultural change of perspective into youth organizations Active participation of youth throw a training to youth workers that will act as multipliers Training of youth workers against racist and xenophobic views Strengthen youth workers competences and methods to inculcate common values of integration and solidarity among youth
Objectives: ⁣⁣ Facilitate a cultural exchange between social workers in the field of youth from different European and Arabic countries Encourage social Awareness, break down prejudices and generation of positive attitude towards the current Migrant Crisis (arrival of refugees) on youth workers by the application of a creative tool: The box Share a specific Innovative Methodology to make use of social innovation as strategy to strengthen the capacity to generate creative Local initiatives to promote social integration of refugees Strengthen organization capabilities to promote the social involvement of young people. Promote a No Hate Speech regarding refugees issue.


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Play In



ERASMUS+ Ka2 Erasmus Youth




ARIS (Formazione e Ricerca Società Cooperativa) Italy, C.I.P Citizens In Power (PO.SI Polites se Ischy) Cyprus, Action Synergy S.A. –Greece, KOMUNIKUJEME – Czech Republik, Mobilizing Expertise – Sweden, JOVESOLIDES – Spain