NordTourNet 3

Managing employees, who belong to different generations, can be a major challenge in companies that you will not be able to avoid in the long run. Formerly 2 or 3 generations interacted in the labor market, now 5 generations live and co-operate. The main reason for this is the increasing life expectancy of people.

Leaders of business companies can effectively manage intergenerational diversity and achieve results through knowledge of different generations and identifying their characteristics. Scientist find many generational differences. One fundamental difference is COMMUNICATION. Various generations use different means of communication both at work and in private life. This causes many communication and cooperation problems between generations at the workplace.
This project is continuation of Nordplus Adult Thematic Network project NordTourNet-1 and Collaboration project NordTourNet-2. By implementing both projects partnership noticed that tourism companies are faced with the problem of intergenerational communication. Partly, because many such kind of businesses are run by families. Different generations in one classroom also is a new challenge for today’s adult educators. With this project we want to equip adult teachers with some professional knowledge and methodical material about effective communication among different generations in tourism companies. In order to achieve this aim we will: conduct qualitative research and analyse communication problems among 4 generations; create the game as education method for adults “Communication game for different generations”;

compose “Methodological Material on Solving Intergenerational Communication Problems”;

develop and implement in each partner country 3-days training package for adult educators “Train the Trainer”.

​During NordTourNet-3 project we will use William Strauss and Neil Howe generation’s theory, which states that there are following generations, namely:

Silent Generation Baby-Boomers X generation Y generation Z generation
The project will research communication problems of 4 generations, active in labour market:

Baby-Boomers (59-76 years old) X generation (38-58 years old) Y generation (20-37 years old) Z generation (16-19 years old) The novelty of NordTourNet-3 is analysis of communication aspects of Z generation, which is under researched as it is only now entering the labour market and becoming user of various services. Thus, we will provide adult teachers and researchers with unique material.


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Education, Research & Consultancy Center Klaipėda, Lithuania Turiba University Riga, Latvia