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Our Projects

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About the project:

Colibri Birds




We have defined our target group “women” as Colibri Birds. Have you heard anything about the Colibri birds; despite being the littlest bird in the world with its volume in the enormous universe, they are strong enough to hang in the air and stand their wings by beating 15 to 80 times a second. Women in challenging life path, are invisible, fragile, stucking in a corner…




Today, in behalf of achieving sustainable development, every layer of the society has to be included to employment and social life but women as also our project’s target group has to be particularly included as well. Women need a broader set of competences to sustain their social and economic life, become more independent and engage to the social life.
They have responsibilities against life, society and family. In fact women are the source of the family that is the core of the society. Most of these women are mostly capable, successful and keen on productivity. Sometimes they do not find the enough resources, sometimes they do not know the road but at the end the target group of our project these women have a potential capacity in a certain extend. The European Commission (EPALE, 2020) has announced a sharpened set of priorities for European cooperation in education and training.


“At a time when unemployment remains unacceptably high, and European societies need to urgently address the challenge of social inclusion, the new priorities reinforce joint work at the European level. The priorities aim to make sure education and training systems promote employability, skills and innovation”.

As our project depends on this issue therefore we aim to reach the women in civil society, as a part of this kind of structures like non-governmental organizations and cooperatives. On the other hand empowering these women by education and training have a crucial role in enabling them to develop these competences, giving them the best possible to sustain and motive in life. As mentioned the problems and needs of civil society organizations in every field that the civil society institutions and organizations have to increase “the common cooperation culture”, to extend their fund and resources opportunities and to make their workings sustainable like education and training programs (Ref: “Problems Encountered by the Civil Society Organizations in the Activity Process and Solution Suggestions” Panel, 2018).


Women’s participation in economic life is also one of the biggest steps to be taken to overcome social breaks. Based on this finding, women need to be motivated, guided, revealing and developing their abilities in their social lives only with their participation in economic life. In this context, our project serves the priority of “Supporting the setting up of and access to
up skilling pathways for adults” from the Erasmus Plus 2020 Program Adult Education priorities.



The aim of the project is to empower women between the ages of 18-64 who cannot enter the workforce, who have entrepreneurial potential, to participate in both economic and social life, and to increase the quality of adult education by improving the capacities of women who are working. In order to overcome women’s difficulties, to facilitate their participation in economic and social life, to support civil society, actors in organic ties have been identified, although they differ from each other on the basis of the development of social dialogue. The project partners are from KADEM Women and Democracy Association, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Socio- Cultural and Economical Development Association. The transnational partners are NCSR Demokritos (Greece), Association of Vai Avante (Portugal), CIVIC (UK) and Mobilizing Expertise AB (Sweden).


The IOs of the project are:

  • IO1 – “Second Chance” for Empowering Capability of Women Training Module
  • IO2 – Distance Learning Platform for Empowering Women
  • IO3 – A Tool Kit Concept for Adult Educators: An Implementation Guide for Literacy of the IOs
  • IO4 – Podcasts: Telling Success Stories From Civil Society for Women
  • IO5 – A Comparative Qualitative Study on the Perceptions of the Colibri Women


The project have three sub-dimensions:

  1. Empowering Women to Participate In Economic Life: Awareness levels and life skills will be developed by providing trainings to our target group on psycho-social support improving relations at the level of social and family, occupational health and safety, legal rights, digital marketing.
  2. Socialization and Development of Self-Esteem as a Tool for the Development of Self-Efficacy: It is observed that women in working life face undesirable situations such as “Mobbing” and “Glass Ceiling Syndrome”, which prevent them from advancement. The self-confidence and motivation of women in the working life will be supported.
  3. Ensuring the Sustainability of the “Second Chance” Capability Module: In order to ensure the sustainability of this second chance training module, the Distance Learning Platform will
    be developed.


Applicant Organisation




Partner Organisations



Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante — Portugal



Kadin ve Demokrasi Dernegi — Turkey



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Full title: Second Chance For Colibri Birds: Empowering and Increasing Capabilities Of Women

Main objective of the project :Innovation

Project Acronym :COLIBRIWOMEN

Project Start Date:2020-12-01

Project Total Duration :30 months

Project End Date: 2023-05-31

Organisation :TR01 the centre for european union education and youth programmes (turkish national agency)

Website: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/contact

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