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The refugee and migrant crisis is one of the biggest challenges Europe is facing nowadays. In the last years, there was a continued arrival of refugees coming from many countries such Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq and Eritrea, among others. These people are facing many difficulties to cross EU external borders. Many of the countries from where the partners of Future Target come from are having numerous arrivals of refugees and migrants (e.g. more than 174.000 have arrived in Greece and more than 181,000 in Italy) and more than 5.000 people already lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
The help of NGOs and associations is every day more necessary to work in parallel with public authorities. Future Target believes that in order to improve the situation, it is necessary to find, understand and share good practices by working with different partners dealing with the same issues, with the idea that together, we go further, as a team. It gives an opportunity to apply them in local territories, offering best services and guiding the population to the acceptance, inclusion and positive response towards humanitarian needs. By operating as an international partnership, there is the possibility to support the communities because with this migrant flow, societies are getting various, people coming from different cultures started to live in multicultural societies so, it carries a great importance to call the issues of social inclusion, diversity, tolerance, non-discrimination and human rights.
Objectives: To improve the present knowledge and the capacity to react at the local/regional level, as well as to increase the quality of life of the migrants and refugees by working on their integration in local communities. The project has planned activities that will support not only the partner organization but also the migrants, refugees as well as the local communities.


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Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association IYDA e.V, Germany, Mobilizing Expertise AB, Sweden, Youth Europe Service, Italy, Sharing Europe Firenze, Italy, Geoclube Associação Juvenil, Portugal, Kainotomia, Καινοτομία Κέντρο Δια Βίου Μάθησης, Greece