The project starts from an analysis carried out by Kairos, Mobilizing Expertise and Itaka on the effects of rural depopulation and new opportunities to address the problem. In fact, we started a considerable wide network to link together realities experiencing similar issues to cooperate and support each other, having a clear idea of communities’ needs and creating sustainable activities for the entire area. The same principle could be adopted in more European terms and spread in different countries. The challenges present in such context are multilevel and touch different social and economic aspects, but also political and environmental, with the risk to leave entire areas of Europe completely abandoned.
Objectives: Our main objectives are the following : sharing best practices between European organizations in countries dealing with depopulation and rural development, pointing out the main issues and topics arising from contexts of depopulation, developing guidelines for local and educaational authoritiesfor the possible measures to prevent the phenomenon and its dynamics thanks to template of activities included in the final toolkit. This project also aims to promote multidisciplinary approaches in dealing with challenges present in these settings and empowering participants to work on their competencies and tools for social (and economic) change and raise awareness on the key role of cultural heritage in defining a European identity.


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Strategic Partnerships for adult education



Kairos, Mobilizing Expertise AB, CPA di Giuseppina Bomba, AMURT Portugal, ONECO CONSULTING SL, Itaka training