AMPLIFY – Amplifying voices for social inclusion is a two-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (KA2 – exchange of good practices).

The project had a double purpose: On one hand, to create a transnational partnership of four organisations from Italy,Sweden, Poland and Malta that will ensure a complete needs analysis and gaps identification of people living in disadvantaged neighbourhood and facing socio-economic challenges. On the other hand, it aims to share different best practices tools and methodologies in order to adress and impact on the identified gaps, while improving the operational capacity of the partner organisations.

Thus, AMPLIFY reflects the Europe’s social inclusion objective 2020, as its main idea is to improve the work of different organisations working with people at risk of severe poverty and social exclusion.
1. To prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism by reaching out to people at risk of marginalisation or social exclusion, by involving people with disadvantaged backgrounds in the experimentation of the shared best practices, tools and methodologies while indirectly rising awareness on the importance of education and European values.

2. To promote civic participation by developing the role of volunteering for social inclusion, by using the new best practices as a tool for social inclusion.

3. To allow the staff of the partner organizations to acquire new skills and knowledge that will help them to improve the impact of their social inclusion interventions.

4. To share experiences, methods and good practices among the stakeholders, in order to improve their operational capacities in the fields of adult education and social inclusion.

In particular, the four partners contribute to the project by sharing their expertise in specific methodologies that have been successful in their work with different target groups.


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Strategic Partnerships for adult education




Diversja, Poland Mobilizing Expertise, Sweden H.R.Y.O, Italy CCIF, Malta