Nord Tour Net 2





Project code: (NPAD-2017/10129)

Start Date : 2017

End Date : 2019

 Aim : The project is designed for entrepreneurs, who want to develop existing tourism services or products, or persons willing to establish a new company or organisation operating in tourism. There are foreseen business-oriented training sessions, learning in a business environment in Nordtournet-2 project. Partners will develop training materials for tourism entrepreneurs and will practise and experience innovative teaching methods, which are appropriate for efficient education of tourism entrepreneurs.

The project will be very useful for adult education providers too, because they will renew the package of teaching methods and prepare new descriptions of training courses based on practical experience, situation diagnosis and specially adopted for tourism entrepreneurs operating in geographically isolated areas.



Nord Tour Net 3

Project code:NPAD-2020/10015

Start Date : 2020

End Date : 2022

 Aim : This project is a continuation of Nordplus Adult Thematic Network project NordTourNet-1 and Collaboration project NordTourNet-2. By implementing both projects, the partnership noticed that tourism companies are faced with the problem of intergenerational communication. Partly, because many such kind of businesses are run by families. Different generations in one classroom also is a new challenge for today’s adult educators.

Partners :

Education, Research & Consultancy Center- Lithuania

Turiba University- Latvia

Mobilizing Expertise- Sweden

NordTourNet 4

Project Code: NPAD-2022/10078

Start Date: 1st September 2022

End Date : 31st August 2024



Education, Research & Consultancy Center (ERCC) – LT Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija/Higher Education Institution (LT), Kurzeme Tourism Association (LV), Mobilizing Expertise (SE), Arctic Culture Lab (GL)


NordTourNet 4 is a Nordplus project that aims to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) power tools can improve businesses within the tourism sector. The project also aims to share innovative ideas for tourism businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science by which we can create intelligent machines which can behave, think and make decisions like humans. With AI technologies you do not need to pre-program machines to do some work, despite that you can create machines with programmed algorithms which can work with own intelligence. Over the years, the influence of AI has spread to nearly every aspect of the tourism industry. 

The spread of AI in the tourism industry is caused by the enormous amount of data generated today. COVID19 significantly contributed to rapid expansion of AI technologies. In the context of a pandemic, tourism in nature and remote areas has become very popular.

The activities of NordTourNet 4 project are the following:

1. Situation Analysis about the use of AI powered tools in tourism companies based on qualitative research.

2. Methodological material with Recommendations for Adult Educators and Tourism
Professionals in video format with animation.

3. Creativity Camp in each partner country for 8 tourism employees and/or
entrepreneurs, aged 50+ and working in remote areas.

4. The Final Virtual Conference of the project.