Partners meeting : FLAVIE

Partners meeting : FLAVIE

On the 29 September 2021 the Mobilizing Expertise team went to Palermo for the Flavie project. The aim of this project is fighting against gender violence. When you read this, you think, of course about violence against women but it can also be violence against men.

We start this project with a presentation of all the partners and an intervention of the representant of the mayor office. This meeting was in the archeologic museum. It is a very symbolic place, because in their collection there is several representations of ancient Greek gods who showed violence against women.

After this we did a little tour in the city to learn more about its history.

On the second day we had the chance to visit the Centro Antiviolenza Lia Pipitone.

This center is open 4 days per weeks to helps women, except one day where they are open for everybody else, like men victim of violence or LGBTQIA+ people.

This center is named Lia Pipitone for a symbolic reason. Lia Pipitone was the daughter of a mafia. During her life she fought against violence against women in the mafia, and also for independence. Unfortunately, she did not reach to her 25th birthday. Her dad had her murdered, and never received punishment for this. Today this centre, with Lia Pipitone’s son, is fighting against this.

The last day of this project we met the Ghenos organization psychologist who made us aware about the difference kind of violence who are more psychologist than physical, who can affect people even more deeply.

In conclusion we are very enthusiast about this project who is a public utility. We really need to educate people about this to make the world a better place.