Nîmes & coffee

Last Saturday, 13.04.2024, we had an amazing Fika experience at Ideon Science Park with Nimes’ 6 interns from France. We indulged in the unique Swedish tradition of Fika, starting with Kebab Pizza followed by an array of Swedish sweets – chocolate balls, princess cake, chocolate mudge cake, cookies, and, of course, coffee. Because Fika is all about coffee and sweets! 🍕🍫🍪

🤔 While sipping on our coffee, we also had a fun “fun facts about Sweden” quiz, delving into Swedish culture in an enjoyable way. It was an eye-opening experience! 🎉

🗓️ This week, on Saturday (20.04.2024), we’re heading to the Disgusting Food Museum. Stay tuned for photos from our next adventure!