NEST: First online training 9th- 13th November 2020

NEST: First online training 9th- 13th November 2020

This week, from the 9th to 13th 2020, Necmettin, Ali and Guirlande took part to the first training of the NEST project (more information here), organized by Farsi Prossimo, our Italian partner, in collaboration with Teatro Due Mondi. Despite the current worldwide situation, participants joined forces and met online.

Many aspects were discussed during these days, including asylum seekers and refugees’ integration in the Italian society and in Europe in a larger way.

3 members of Teatro Due Mondi presented their work with refugees, using polyvalent artistic activities. Indeed, as it was explained, theatre can be considered as a social inclusion tool, used not only to help people to express themselves in a non-formal way but also to gather them. In this way, this theatre develops many partnerships with associations, which allows people to meet and mix, and create a place of diversity, where many arts are celebrated and used as tools for expression of individuals: music, dance but also storytelling, such as the Human Library method. As part of their approach, physical exercise creates empathy between people.

Another aspect and reality of social work has also been presented, especially some difficulties social workers can face and to what extent it can influence their lives if no balance is found, and how it is handled by public authorities. Indeed, participants had the chance to meet a psychologist, Dr Nicolo Ratti, who described burnouts and their effects on workers.

Participants also had the opportunity to meet Chris Nzi, the inspiring CEO of Mygrants, a social company which focuses on creating opportunities to newly arrived people, help them to increase their skills, which allows them to contribute to their host country, show their talents and be an added value to the society.

In summary, this week was full of fruitful discussion regarding social inclusion of newly arrived people, the different tools which can be used but also the difficulties which can be faced on a daily basis. Indeed, while looking at the refugee and migrants perception nowadays, people can easily focus on the negative sides of immigration, and inspiring actions remind how virtuous the circle can be when opportunities are created and voices heard, which brings more hope and resilience.

Many thanks to Farsi Prossimo for this week and looking forward for the next training which will be hopefully an opportunity to meet physically!

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