Mexpert’s internship programme: Giorgia from Italy

Looking to challenge myself – Giorgia

Hi everyone, my name is Giorgia Maria and I’m from Italy. I’m 18 and I’m an aries, in fact I love to challenge myself with new experiences and to take everything in life with passion.
I just arrived in Sweden but I already love the place, especially the fresh air and all the green areas. I never came here before but I already now that I will return one day for sure.
This is going to be my last year in High school, specifically I study architecture in an artistic school but in University I’m going to change my studies. I would like to study design or sociology, in fact I don’t really know because I’m interested in so many different things and I want to be sure because then there isn’t going to be any returning point.

This is one of the main reasons why I came to Sweden and why I feel so lucky to work in this company, I’m sure that this experience will make me grow as a person and clear my mind about my future.