Maëlle’s blogpost

Maëlle’s blogpost

Hej ! Mitt namn är Maëlle och jag kommer från France. That´s the only swedish sentence I know so far, but still got a lot of time to improve myself !

So as I said in Swedish I´m Maëlle from France. I´m 23 years old. I´m here to an internship as community manager/teacher in drama workshop. I´m in Sweden for four months.

For now on I looooove Sweden and Swedish. Lund is a very cute city in a middle of beautiful landscape. The city is very clean and quite compares to cities in France. I´m looking forward to visit around and even more in the north, like Stockholm.

On a professional level, I´m here to improve my skills in social media management, comunication and also discover new things and having new skills. And I think Mexpert is the good place for this.

Before to come in Sweden I did an acting school in France because i´m doing drama for almost my all life. But as you may know a global pandemic hit us. And I realized having a plan B could be nice. So I start to think “What could I do who make me happy and without routine ?”

And I thought about public relationships officer/community manager. I had the chance to do a first internship with Erasmus in Prague, with Wnoozow, an artistic tapestry factory. Back in France I did another month as intern in Make it Double. I did some community management, production, contract negociation and wrote editorials to present our new podcast.

It´s how I finished here, in mobilizing expertize. I can´t wait to start this new adventure!