Immijobs training – first session on the 15th February

The first Immijobs Training took place on 15th February and the first two modules were discussed. Italy was the first to present with Module 1. Then a representation from Greece presented Module 2. The first thing however that was discussed was what Immijobs is and the aim of the project.

Immijobs– A European project that aids with the integration of newly arrived refugee’s and migrants within the Labour market.

The Aim- Which is to build and to volumize the potential of intermediary organizations in connecting migrants to the labour market. 

The first Module – Skills Assessment this included:

  • Upskilling pathways
  • Digital skills
  • Job coalition
  • Vocational education and training.
  • The VET system
  • Key competences based on the EU.
  • Euro Pass. 


The second Module – The needs and rights of refugees this included:

  • International labour laws 
  • EU Labour Laws
  • National labour laws.


Next week Monday the next two modules will be discussed the tittle of these modules are:

Module 3- Placement of Support Immigrant.

Module 4 – Promotion of Diversity.