Disgusting Food Museum

On Saturday 20th April 2024, Mobilizing Expertise 6 new interns from the South of France visited one of Malmo’s most famous museums: The “Disgusting Food Museum”. Showing strange Foods from all over the world.

The 6 Interns discovered the stories of culinary specialities that have left their mark on history through their originality, such as “casu marzu” worm-infested Italian cheese, “fruit bat sup” from Guam, vegemite from Australia and many others. They also found products from their homeland, such as snails, Tatar steak and Roquefort cheese.

The highlight of the visit came at the end, when a buffet was opened and one could taste over 15 unusual dishes, including worms, Surströmming (Swedish stinky fish), Durian fruit… and six of the world’s hottest sauces, ranging from 2.5 million to 4 million Scoville units.

Only one of us was brave enough to try everything on the buffet, although I was a close second, not trying the last two due to the risk of having stomach problems.

The French interns enjoyed their visit and learned a lot about the food and customs of different countries.