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  • SAME Project Online Platform

    SAME Project Online Platform

    A tool of dissemination and communication that serves as a medium for information exchange between partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries is the design and development of an online platform. The SAME project created the website where you may access all of the project’s resource materials. Anyone who is interested can register to use the platform.…

  • SEM Project Online Workshop

    SEM Project Online Workshop

    In Collaboration with all our partners, we successfully completed our Social Entrepreneurship and E-course Moodle online Workshop. Around 20 participants from Germany, Italy, and Sweden joined the workshop. The goal of the workshop was to Equip migrants with tools useful to successfully start up, manage, and scale up innovative for sustainable businesses. The 8 days…

  • SAME Project Online Workshop

    SAME Project Online Workshop

    The Synergy for Adult Migrants Entrepreneurial Journey-SAME online workshop began on November 8 and went through November 25. It was a 7-day workshop with one day off in between. Migrants between the ages of 20 and 40; economically underprivileged migrant passionate entrepreneurs without entrepreneurial abilities; People with a migrant history; and Refugees with legal status…



    On 17th-18th of November 2022, we met our partners from Finland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France for another transnational meeting in Lille, France. We discussed the all-over progress of the EQUITY Project and we decided on the deadlines for the testing and the translation of the materials produced for IO3. The EQUITY Erasmus Plus Project…



    We attended the last transnational meeting for the PULSE Project in Lille on the 15-16th of November. We had a discussion on the project results. We reviewed the budget management. We also talked about the overall project requirements and what were done until now. We talked about the partners’ collaboration and the change in the staff. We…

  • CSR A-Z Guide CSR2VET_News_02

    CSR A-Z Guide CSR2VET_News_02



    We had a progress meeting with our lovely partners. We discussed the reporting process, and the next tasks for it. Thanks to Monomyths, we had an update on the development status of PR1. Also, we talked about the development process for PR2. Lastly, there was a discussion on the Project dissemination. You can have a look…

  • Erasmus Days: FLAVIE in the spotlight

    Erasmus Days: FLAVIE in the spotlight

    Part of Erasmus’s program objectives is to enhance learning mobility and raising the awareness of individuals and groups in society.   Here comes our project, FLAVIE, to reinforce awareness against violence by spreading knowledge about our basic rights as citizens in society. Through different training and workshops, we organize, the project focuses on women exposed…

  • Erasmus Days: Erasmus+ and me!

    Erasmus Days: Erasmus+ and me!

    My first close encounter with Erasmus+ was through my research association “Mobilizing Expertise AB”, which I joined recently. During my brief tenure there, I realized that it is mostly the Erasmus+ funding that has made it possible for us to work towards our mission on youth capacity development, social inclusion, and integration. Just one month…

  • At Ideon Breakfast: presenting what we do!

    At Ideon Breakfast: presenting what we do!

    On 11th October, Charlotte jumped onto the open stage at Ideon breakfast to present some of our upcoming events and opportunities!  We are celebrating all things Erasmus over the next few days, thank to the “Erasmus Day” celebration.  Charlotte, presented Erasmus Plus and how it goes beyond university exchange and support for students (as its…