Azucena Journey !

God morgon!

My name is Azucena and I am a spanish girl who wants to live an adventure.

This is my first time living alone and I decided to do it in the other opposite part of Europe, in Sweden.

Why Sweden? I chose this country because it has beautiful natural landscapes and it is a multicultural region. In addition I love “The bridge” series and Camila Läckberg thrillers so I have heard a lot about this country before.

I live specifically in Lund, a small and disney enchanted city, but I work in Malmö, a big and non-stop city, as a product designer and marketing agent in Get Special, a company which makes personalized gifts (mugs, pillows, bottles…)

This journey gave me the opportunity to develop my english level (mostly everyone in Sweden speaks english) and my work skills.

But for me the main goal is to fully experience a totally different culture with their own food, holidays and traditions.

You should try to live an erasmus experience because you will become a new person.