All about our new intern: Amélie

Bonjour à tous !  ~  Hello everyone!  ~  Hej alla!


My name is Amélie, I’m 25 and I come from a city called Orléans, in France.

I’ve just finished my Master’s Degree in International Trade and as I was looking for a job abroad, I had the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus+ programme. I immediately knew that would be an amazing experience and decided to apply, as I’m always up for new adventures.

This internship in MExpert will help me develop new skills, acquire knowledge about a field I don’t know yet and also grow professionally. My goal is definitely to make the most out of it!

I chose to come to Sweden because I’ve always been attracted to the Nordic countries, their lifestyle and their Vikings history but I’ve actually never had the chance to visit these places.


Even though I’ve never been to Sweden, I have travelled to many different countries such as Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Malta… and I even lived for 8 months in York, England. I really enjoyed these trips because I met new people, discovered their cultures, and took pictures of amazing landscapes.

Apart from travelling, I love playing video games, horse-riding, going to the gym and watching Netflix with friends… among other things.

I’m really looking forward to start working on a new project with the team and to discover what Sweden has to offer!