All about Guirlande and her interest in CSR


My name is Guirlande LOUITHOMME, I come from France and I have a polyvalent academic background in Humanities and Management.

During my studies in Management, from which I chose a specialization in International Business, I had the opportunity to do an exchange semester in Mexico, where I mostly studied Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable development. Also, I have a one-year professional background in Marketing and Publicity in addition to volunteering work experience in non-profit organizations in France.

I am currently on my way to develop an expertise in the CSR’s field, that is why I have chosen to come in Sweden. Indeed, it appears that Sweden is the leader country in sustainable projects. Therefore, I want to have both a CSR approach and practice in the Swedish perspective, also, in an international perspective.

All in all, working with an international team and on CSR projects such as local and European and international fields will improve my capacity of adaptation as well as soft and technical skills.






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